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Understand & Develop: Leadership Assessment

Understand & Develop: Leadership Assessment


The psychometric assessment suite of services ensures our leading-edge training programs and courses remain evidence-based and focused on key outcomes.

With an in-depth "webinar-explainer" and the option to add a dedicated debrief with a certified coach, this assessment package is highly recommended for any:

  • career explorer
  • career transitioner
  • hyper-collaborator
  • managers and leaders
  • business builder 

The outcomes of our assessments, and the tools provided with them, strengthen you in your career, as a leader and in your community.

This is an example of Challenge Factory’s “Research-to-Practice-to-Research” methodology used at all levels of client engagements and services.

The psychometric assessment offered in this package examines four key success factors:

  1. Behaviors - what you bring to the job
  2. Motivators - what drives your behaviours
  3. Acumen - the intellect and "smarts" required to do the job
  4. Competencies - your ability to demonstrate you CAN do the job

Choose the stream that best serves your needs: 

Services and outcomes included the assessment package: Self - Directed Coach - Supported
Understand how your working style, values and motivators can shape your career plan Yes  Yes 
Discover where your talents and passions lie – and how they reinforce each other Yes  Yes 
Realize how your view of the world around you impacts your resilience to change Yes  Yes 
Over 70 Page report with customized and individualized findings in the four success factors  Yes  Yes 

Access to a webinar-explainer that guides you in how to read and understand your individual results 

Yes  Yes 

Dedicated Debrief with a certified coach:

  • Provides a deeper understanding of the results 
  • Frames the findings as actionable tasks 
  • Defines your leadership potential and development goals 
  • Integrates the results into your personal career plan


     Are you in need of team asessments? Contact us today for a customized quote. 

      What happens once you purchase?

      1. You'll receive a confirmation of your purchase 
      2. By the next business day, you'll receive your unique access link to begin your assessment. 
      3. Your detailed report will be emailed to you as well as a link to access the webinar-explainer.
      4. If you've purchased the Coach-Supported option, a virtual meeting will be scheduled at a time convenient for you. You'll spend 60 minutes with your certified coach to review your results and define how to use and integrate the finding into your career and leadership development plan. 

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