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Career Exploration & Transition Bundle Pack

Career Exploration & Transition Bundle Pack


You’re ready to take action and find new career horizons with the full Challenge Factory Career Exploration &Transition program.  This bundle pack will take you through all the steps you need to define your career SweetSpot, make decisions about your career options, build your marketing material and network like a pro to make your career transition a reality. The structured methodology and deep understanding of the changing job market and demographic landscape equip you to find and choose the opportunities that will bring you success and satisfaction in the next chapter of your career.

Learners will have a dedicated coach with 8 coaching sessions.  Learners will also:

  • Take the Understand and Develop Leadership Assessment
  • Define their Career SweetSpot criteria including needs, talents, passions and the market
  • Identify the impact work will have on other aspects of life and enjoyment
  • Explore up to five SweetSpot careers that meet a participant’s criteria
  • Learn how to avoid falling victim to doubts and limiting “yeah, but…” thoughts
  • Learn how to evaluate opportunities based on criteria to make great decisions
  • Learn how to maintain adequate income during transition.
  • Identify what training is needed at the right time in the transition plan to maximize tuition ROI.
  • Plan how to balance hobbies and interests while pursuing a new career direction.
  • Have up to three professional marketing documents created by a Challenge Factory Marketing Coach
  • Learn how to build a Networking with Intent plan that ensures great results instead of endless coffee dates
  •  Gain transition tips and approaches that build on individual strengths and style
  • Learn the importance of peer group support and partners with whom to celebrate.

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