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102 Intergenerational Approaches to Problem Solving / Webinar

102 Intergenerational Approaches to Problem Solving / Webinar


There is a lot of talk today about workplaces with 4 or 5 generations working together. Most of the time, emphasis is on what separates one generation from the next.

This webinar focuses on how an intergenerational approach to workforce programs unlocks hidden productivity, increases engagement and leads to a competitive business advantage.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The difference between multi-generational training and an intergenerational workforce strategy.
  • What are the myths, stereotypes and fallacies intergenerational leaders need to combat?
  • Why mentoring programs are just the beginning – what have other organizations done to truly unlock capacity and generate unexpected business results?

Is this webinar for you? Are you:

  • Working on initiatives that impact the career paths of employees?
  • Pressured to respond to changing market and employee needs?
  • Needing new approaches to ensure the right internal candidates are ready at the right time?
  • Interested in better tools and support for managers as they work with their own staff?
  • Needing resources such as books, websites, conferences and communities of practice to help inform the creation of your own corporate career centre?


     Delivery Method:

    Live Online Webinar


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