Future of Work (Free Course)

Future of Work (Free Course)

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Shifting demographics are challenging traditional approaches to succession management. Past workforce strategy decisions have left a gap in leadership candidates. Recent graduates are joining organizations but not staying.

This research based webinar focuses on five key trends that every leader needs to know in order to thrive in today’s Talent Revolution. Building on research from the upcoming book, The Talent Revolution, this talk delivers real-world examples to make sense of ever-changing workforce and workplace dynamics.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Demographics & Legacy
  • Shift Career Ownership
  • Impact of the Freelance Economy
  • Emergence of Platforms
  • Automation

Is this webinar for you? Are you:

  • Curious about the Future of Work and career innovation and how it relates to today’s workplace?
  • Wondering how your own career experience relates to today’s trends?
  • Interested in learning how careers have changed over time and what’s next in the world of work?


    CPD Hours:

      This course has been approved for 1.00 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hour under Section A of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA).


    Delivery: Virtual Microlearning Course