Do It Yourself Resumes: Value Proposition

Do It Yourself Resumes: Value Proposition

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Resume writing - one of the most common hurdles when launching a career transition.

Most people throw together their resume, send it out to 100+ job postings… and hope for the best. You then spend the next 30 days patiently waiting by your phone, only to realize your resume got lost in the HR abyss.

But then there are some people who know how to crack the HR code… they understand how to use keywords, value statements and corporate language to their advantage.

These people get the big starting salary, comfy office chair and full benefits (because everyone deserves dental)… and you can be one of them.

Value Proposition

This course will focus on the most important part of your resume… your Value Proposition.  

During this course you’ll discover:

  • How to get your resume noticed within the first 2 sentences… we’ll give you real life examples that you can customize for your resume
  • Learn the “6 P's of Marketing” for when you’re trying to change your career… use these psychological hacks to show your value instantly
  • Take our virtual test that will show you how to speak to your target market based on your skills, and their needs
  • How to create your “Unique Value Proposition Statement” … you’ll learn how to speak your employers language to get their attention (This creates instant authority).
  • How to upgrade your current documents / resumes with messaging that will actually get you an interview!

Do It Yourself Resumes is a self-paced course that shows you how to create a resume that beats out 99% of your competitors. You’ll finally be able to start your career, not just get a job.

This course is led by two of Canada's Master Certified Resume Strategists*:

* Certified by the Career Professionals of Canada

Delivery: Virtual Self Directed Course