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Do It Yourself Resumes: Value Proposition

Do It Yourself Resumes: Value Proposition


This is the first course in a four-part series providing participants with the guidance, tools, and resources to create more strategic and impactful marketing documents to reach their intended audiences and targeted employers.

Value Proposition

This course focuses on Value Proposition.  At the end of this course you will: 

  • Better understand the purpose of a resume and how to position your resume through case samples
  • Utilize the 6 P's of Marketing in your Career Transition
  • Complete market surveys to enhance your ability to understand and speak to your target
  • Apply Value Proposition theory to develop your key messaging that is compelling to employers and gets their attention
  • Engage in exercises that will help you to match what you offer with an employers' needs
  • Upgrade your current documents / resumes with content that will illicit more invitations to an interview

Do It Yourself Resumes is a self-paced series that allows people to work at their own time and availability while learning to be self-sufficient in preparing materials that best represent them and will improve their response rate to applications.

It is led by two of Canada's Master Certified Resume Strategists*:

* Certified by the Career Professionals of Canada


Delivery: Virtual Self Directed Course 

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