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Making It Work! Managing Successful Maternity Leave Career Transitions

Making It Work! Managing Successful Maternity Leave Career Transitions


Presented by:

Avra Davidoff, M.C., Registered Psychologist of Canada Career Counselling

Women make up approximately 50% of the labour force and account for approximately 58% of post-secondary graduates. Of the working women who do become mothers, 90% will take a maternity leave. However, according to research conducted by Canada Career Counselling, 36% of new mothers feel that taking maternity leave negatively impacts their opportunity for promotions, career development and career progression.

Topics covered in this 60-minute webinar include:

  • What are some common myths and biases that impact the career development of working mothers?
  • What is the impact of maternity leave on career development from the employee and employer perspective?
  • What strategies can be used by managers and HR leaders to support the career development of working mothers?
  • How can organizations and employees redefine career progression in a way that supports a variety of careers? 

Is this course for you? Are you:

  • An employer, Human Resources professional, or leader who manages, leads, trains, coaches or otherwise supports working mothers?
  • Involved in supporting the career development of working mothers?
  • An employer or Human Resources professional looking to better retain and engage working mothers?
  • Looking for practical tools and strategies to facilitate improved career engagement among working mothers?

Participants will also receive a free PDF copy of Making It Work! How to effectively manage maternity leave career transitions: An employer’s guide as well as a complimentary 30 minute consultation on improving maternity leave career transitions within their organization (note: the complimentary consultation is limited to the first 15 participants who register.)


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