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About our Co-Creators

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Wayne Pagani, MCCS, MCIS, MCRS, Career and Leadership Coach

Wayne Pagani possesses 15 years experience providing in-depth career management and employment services to diverse clients. This is complemented by sound management experience in the corporate world.

A seasoned professional offering extensive expertise Wayne is a Master certified strategist in Resume, Interview, and Career strategy.

An active leader within Career Professionals of Canada (CPC), Wayne currently serves as Senior Advisor, Regional Ambassador, and the National Certification Chair. Wayne is an eight-time recipient of the prestigious Award of Excellence from CPC and in 2010, he was the recipient of the Canadian Career Leader Award. His contributions to the career development field have been recognized across North America including a 2011 Career Management Alliance Mentor Award honouring those individuals who have guided others in tradecraft, entrepreneurship, and community building.

Courses: "DIY Resumes"


Challenge Factory

Yes, Challenge Factory is a co-creator.

We’ve leveraged our Research - Practice - Research Methodology to ensure that we’re contributing to the Future of Work insightful, experiential and relevant learning that allows individuals and business leaders to lead the innovation of their own careers and those of their teams.

Check out or current and upcoming research projects as this will inspire our next round of course development.


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