Community events

We love to create and curate conversations.

We believe the best discussions are held in person, by communities of collaborators who are looking to inspire change and shape the foundation of the workforce of 2030. Everyone is a part of the Future of Work.

Staying engaged is a requirement of our co-creation and collaboration model. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and evolve how we engage with our learners, supporting organizations, clients and the brains behind the scene - our course co-creators.

Contact us if you want to develop a custom event, virtual or onsite.

Bring your team together for a single or series of fast-paced, interactive 1 hour coffee breaks focused on the future of work and careers. We’ll work with you to determine the topic(s) and then prepare materials to get the discussion started. Can be used as employee-focused sessions or as a client event to bring your sales team and clients together for an innovative discussion about what’s next.


  • Preparation call and topic selection based on your priorities and goals
  • On site (your location) or virtual facilitator (travel to be billed at actual cost)
  • Conversation generating material grounded in research focused on the future of work
  • 1 hour event
  • Post event debrief with organizer
  • For up to 30 attendees 

Delivery: Onsite Event