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Become a Co-Creator

Join an international community of business owners, experts and collaborators dedicated to assisting in career transition, development and leadership training.

When Challenge Factory gave rise to the Centre for Career Innovation, it was with the specific purpose of creating an easy to manage, and integrated platform where industry leaders and and experts could come to together to benefit from their knowledge, and share the secrets needed to navigate the future of work & needed for successful career innovation.

The Centre for Career Innovation spawns new relationships, creates a space for like-minded leaders to support each other's business development and better prepare everyone for the future.


Become a co-creator. 

A real co-creator is someone who is interested in how much currency they have in their assets - the intimate peer relationships in which they have an impact.” Simon North, CCI Advisory Board Member


What does it take to be a co-creator in the Centre for Career Innovation?

  1. Quality, caliber and hyper collaboration coupled with a business focus that has an impact on of the 5 drivers of the future of Work.   
  2. A business mindset - a belief that shared success is greater than individual success
  3. A commitment to continuous growth and learning
  4. Understanding that the work we create, use and share is deeply personal and intimate regardless of the size of the implementation or delivery.
  5. Acute focus on making the Future of work a practical reality
  6. An unwavering dedication to fostering and growing mutually beneficial relationships with other business leaders
  7. An ability to approach constant change and innovation with gusto and dedication
  8. Commitment to successfully complete the Co-creator Accelerator Program