Become a Co-Creator

Join an international community of business owners, experts who collaborate to amplify the collective power of their work.

When Challenge Factory conceived of the Centre for Career Innovation, it was with the specific purpose of creating an easy to manage and integrated platform where a diverse community of experts could come to together to integrate complimentary skills and collaborate on the complex challenges clients are facing as they navigate the future of work.

The Centre for Career Innovation is the foundation for new relationships. It creates a space for like-minded leaders to innovate, collaborate and educate.

 Become a co-creator. 

A real co-creator is someone who knows there is significant currency in their assets and wants to work with others to amplify the effect of their work. They crave intimate peer relationships that make a difference to their business, the sector and their clients.” Simon North, CCI Advisory Board Member


What does it take to be a co-creator in the Centre for Career Innovation?

  1. A passion for quality and hyper-collaboration coupled with a unique knowledge or expertise related to the 5 drivers shaping of the future of work.   
  2. A business mindset - a belief that shared success is greater than individual success.
  3. A commitment to continuous growth and learning.
  4. An understanding that the work related to careers is deeply personal and intimate regardless of the size of the implementation or delivery.
  5. An acute focus on engaging clients in shaping the future of work that they want to be part of.
  6. An unwavering dedication to fostering and growing mutually beneficial relationships with other business leaders.
  7. An ability to approach constant change and innovation with gusto and dedication.
  8. A commitment to successfully complete the Co-creator Accelerator Program.