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About us

Centre for Career Innovation is an online training platform focused on the Future of Work.

The Centre for Career Innovation is powered by Challenge Factory work with industry associations, businesses and organizations who seek actionable strategies to address today’s most challenging workforce trends. We use a research-to-practice model to design, develop, test and refine research, consulting methods and training programs focused on Demographics, Career Ownership, Freelance Economy, Rise of Platforms, AI and Robotics.

What makes CCI unique and different?

Challenge Factory has sourced the highest caliber of innovative co-creators to develop the content delivered in the centre. These co-creators, Challenge Factory being one of them, are all acutely focused on how to prepare career changing individuals, emerging entrepreneurs, trailblazing leaders, future focused executives for the workforce of 2030 and beyond. 

The Centre of Career Innovation offers learning and development through,


Leadership Labs
Self - Directed Courses
Coach Supported Courses
Virtual Classrooms
Onsite Classrooms
HRPA Approved Learning