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Centre for Career Innovation (CCI)  offers robust, research-backed curriculum delivered via a world-class learning platform. Our clients are  career transitioners, employees, managers and innovative business leaders seeking new skills and tools that address today's changing world of work.

CCI brings on-demand, accessible career training that challenges outdated thinking and provides access to the practical tools and strategies you need to be a trailblazer in today's talent-led revolution. 

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"The Challenge Factory team of talented, knowledgeable and caring people spent many hours working with me over the course of a six-month period.  Peeling back layers, listening, coaching, challenging and questioning my thinking; helping me distill pages and pages of information (gathered using formal online tools, assessments and from my personal experiences) to ultimately bulls-eye my career Sweetspot."

Plus-50 Media Executive 

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"CCI's approach is so unique and insightful. The program started with a comprehensive 73 page report all about me. The report was fascinating and I felt every insight was legitimate. It got me in touch with my talents and provided a foundation for the journey I was on."

-Chief Operating Officer exploring future opportunities

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W.P. Consulting and Associates is a CCI Co-Creator focused on assisting individuals make successful career transitions.  They know that before you can network, write a resume or apply for jobs you need to understand your value proposition and how to sell it in today's market.  This course is valuable for career changers, entrepreneurs and leaders who want to be crisp, clear and recognized for the value they offer organizations.

Do It Yourself Resumes: Value Proposition

Do It Yourself Resumes: Value Proposition

Centre for Career Innovation

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